December 2015, Argentina

A touching story

Evan Leversage was 7 and was suffering from terminal cancer. All their neighbors in a small town in Canada held in October so he could enjoy his last holidays.

Evan Leversage, the boy of seven years for whom a Canadian town two months ahead of the Christmas holidays because of his terminal illness , died on Sunday, reported the child’s family.

On the Facebook page of the family, Evan’s mother, Nicole Wellwood, said Evan died in his arms. “I had in my arms, took a last deep breath and I knew right then that would be the last. I could not believe what I was seeing, but died with the most beautiful smile on her face,” wrote Nicole Wellwood after the death of Evan.

The story of Evan, who was discovered a brain tumor when he was two years old, was internationally known when the family asked their neighbors in the town of St. George to decorate their homes like Christmas.

The request was made after doctors inform that the tumor had spread without possibility of remission and Evan was in terminal state.Following the request of the family of Evan, all the people of St. George, about 100 kilometers southwest of Toronto, was decorated with lights in October and Christmas ornaments and forward the traditional caravan attended by more than 7,000 people.

The caravan, with Santa Claus included, walked past Evan’s house last October 24. Following the response from the people of St. George, who decorated their private homes with traditional Christmas lights, Wellwood thanked stating that “it’s Christmas everywhere you look. It’s much more than he had ever expected.” “When Evan was watching from his window, the courtyard is decorated and there is a sign saying ‘Merry Christmas’,” he added.

Two weeks after the conclusion of the caravan, Evan was admitted to the department of palliative medicine Stedman Community Hospice, where he died yesterday. “What started as a small request for neighbors brought forward the installation of their Christmas lights Evan became an international show of love and support,” said the hospice in a statement after the death of Evan. Evan’s family has started a campaign to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

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