October 2015, Roy Kvatningen, Oslo, Norway

Seven-year-old Evan Leversage of St. George in Ontario, Canada, has a tumor in the brain and are not going to get well. Most likely he is not even experience the Christmas 2015.

He has had cancer for most of his short life – in five of his seven years – and been through 30 treatments.

Recently parents got the cruel message from doctors that Evan will die before the year’s end.

The family asked the neighbors if they would like to brighten up the neighborhood with Christmas lights on October 24, as they normally do in the time around December 24th.

– On Monday, Evan celebrate an early Christmas with his family. I hope that he, with your help, is so lucky that he gets to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood the next week.These lights are something beautiful that many of us see as a matter of course in December, wrote Evans cousin Shelly on a sheet as she pressed up and delivered around the neighborhood.

– It will be an amazing gift for Evan and his mom if you could consider hanging them up a little early this year, let Shelly into.

Then something happened beautifully.

Brandy King, who owns the local florist Le Petite Fleur, posted prayer Shelly on the store’s facebook page and encouraged people to decorate their stores and their homes.

And then it took off.

Residents of the small town decorated not only their houses, but offered to donate Christmas food, set up as photographers, sing carols and send gifts.

According to New York Daily News attended by over 7,000 people in a Christmas parade in honor of Evan. It is said that the parade was larger than the shopping center Macy’s has in New York.

More than $ 44,000 was given gifts.

– Evan truly believe that this was Christmas Eve, and that’s exactly what his mother wanted to give him. He is raving, writing a family friend on Facebook .

Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and people from around the world sent their Christmas greetings to the terminally ill sjuåring.

I hope your Christmas was amazing Evan

Posted by Ashton Kutcher on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

– Evans Christmas celebration evolved into something we never thought could be possible. We are grateful to everyone from near and far. You’ve created a tidal wave of love that will never be forgotten, writes the family of Evan on Facebook.

Even after Christmas celebrations have Evan Leversage received great pleasure from the warm support from people who are touched by his story.

– Yesterday spent Evan an hour to open the letter. He opened all even, with only the left hand to help. He insisted that we should recite all. I can not count how many times he said “I love letters” as he showed off his famous, toothless smile, tells Jamie Martin, another family friend.

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