New York


A terminally ill boy from Canada whose wish for an early Christmas was granted by his kindhearted neighbors and friends has died.

At just 2 years old, Evan Leversage was diagnosed with brain cancer. After years of fighting, in September, his family received the news he may not make it to Christmas.

So the community came together for the 7-year-old, and in late October, threw the little boy a Christmas parade complete with trucks from the St. George Firefighters and a ride with Santa through the town. There was even a Christmas tree and fake snow.

Thousands of his community members took part in the celebration.

Evan was admitted to the Stedman Hospice facility on Nov. 4 and now thousands from all over the world have shared their condolences on a Facebook page following Evan’s journey.

In her post, his mom Nicole Wellwood writes that she held him as he took his final breath.

“You may have left us but your legacy begins,” Wellwood wrote.

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