October 29, 2015, Las Vegas

Doctors told this little boy that he wouldn’t live to see Christmas this year, so this incredible community brought Christmas to him.

Children dream of Christmas coming early and getting their gifts before December 25, but for 7-year-old Evan Leversage his early holiday is tragically bitter-sweet. Doctors said that Evan only had a short amount of time left because of terminal brain cancer.

Only a few days before his second birthday, Evan was diagnosed with cancer. He would spend the next year and a half suffering through grueling chemotherapy. Evan battled hard and doctors saw his condition improving. But then in January, doctors discovered a tumor. Evan endured another 30 weeks of chemotherapy.

Things became even worse in July, when an MRI revealed that the tumor had spread into other parts of the brain. The cancer was so severe that there were no possible treatment options.

Evan’s mother, Nicole Wellwood, asked her ill son what he would like to do with his remaining time. His extremely premature bucket list included a trip to Niagara Falls, to see a movie, have dinner at his favorite restaurant and have one last Christmas.

“He’s been phenomenal through it all,” Nicole said. “He wants to make everyone happy. In my eyes, he’s a hero. He never complained of any pain. He persevered through his whole thing.”

Nicole, a single mother with two other children, asked her family and friends to have Christmas in October. Nicole’s cousins took the premature Christmas to another level. They told neighbors of the heartwarming event, passed out flyers and set up a Facebook page to raise awareness.

Soon everyone in their town of Saint George, Ontario, Canada, (About 60 miles from Toronto) knew about Evan’s special Christmas, and were happy to celebrate with the boy. The Christmas in October happened this past weekend and it was tremendous.

There were so many houses decorated with holiday lights. Christmas carolers went door to door. By Saturday morning, Evan’s house had snow blanketing his yard thanks to a snow machine.

The local fire department flashed their lights for Evan.

There was even a Christmas parade with over 25 festive floats that went by Evan’s house.

The small town has about 3,000 people, but police estimate that there was over 7,000 at the parade.

“It’s been an experience that I don’t think anyone’s ever going to forget,” Wellwood said. “It truly has been amazing having the love and support from this community as well as world-wide. It truly has been lifting up a lot of spirits and bringing in a lot of sunshine during a dark time.”

What an absolutely amazing community to pull together for the sake of one little boy.

There is a GoFundMe account titled “One Last Christmas” to provide financial assistance to help the family in the next few months. The goal was $1,500, and the overwhelming support has raised over 37,000.

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