At 5:45AM Sunday December 6th, Heaven gained a very brave and courageous hero. His name Evan Leversage. As I write this I do feel empty and numb inside, nothing has ever compared to the pain of losing your own child. I feel lost without his laughter, and smiles….part of me is wanting to run to him so he isn’t alone. No longer will I be calling the hospital or hospice a “temporary” home. The fear that haunted me for 5 years has won… son, my hero, my best friend no longer is physically with us. Evan had his own plan for when he was going to fly away, he chose the night that I decided to have him positioned so I could sleep with him…..I had the best sleep I had truly had in quite sometime, I felt energetic and alert. So alert that I noticed Evan’s breathing has drastically changed. That time was upon us. I held him as he took his final breath, as family stood close. I laid for quite sometime afterwards with his body that laid lifeless. I couldn’t let go, it couldn’t be real….but it was. Hours after his passing when I seen his face, there was a smile. He was at peace. I do know apart of me is with him. Hold your children tight tonight. And please know that the love everyone has showed has made this pain bearable for us as a family. We thank you.

Evan you made this world beautiful. In 7 years you showed me life lesson after life lesson. I promise I heard you, and will make sure I hold firm to my promises I made to you. You are at peace my son, and we will meet again, I believe that. Evan you did make your mark in this world, you were an angel. And I know speaking from both mommy and daddy….we were honored to be your parents. You taught us so much, and we are very proud of the fight you endured to stay with us. Logan and Tyson miss you sweet boy. I don’t think they understand. But I know that you will always be in all of our hearts forever and always. Not a day will pass that I don’t think of you. My heart is shattered but I will stay strong. Like you I will fight this pain and I will continue to be your voice. You may have left us….but your “Legacy” begins. Rest easy my sweet boy. And know mommy will take care of your “baby” I will love him just as much as you did. He got to go places I was restricted to be with you….he was with you for everything. I will hold him close and think of you every night. I love you a million times over.

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