"To the world he was just a part. To me he was all the world" Evan, was more than just the "Boy who moved Christmas."

He was robbed of his life. Evan's Legacy is about giving children the fighting chance that Evan never had. It a Legacy of Love, Hope, Inspiration, giving back, helping those in need.

As Evan's mom I made a promise before he passed. That I would continue his fight. I will until my dying breath keep fighting for children like Evan. Become Aware. Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death in children. Lack of funding. Lack of research. Lack or awareness. This is real. A bond NEVER broken.


Remember the things in life that matter most are not materialistic. It truly is Love. Compassion. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Peace. Family. It is about being together with those that add positivity to your life and truly bring joy. Those you love. People, families are not perfect. Remember in the long run memories are more important than anything else.

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Evan's Journey with Childhood Cancer - Evan's Legacy